Much more than a golf or dining destination

Miramont is much more than a stereotypical country club. It is far more encompassing than merely an exclusive golf destination, an exquisite dining location or a gathering place for friends to enjoy drinks. While Miramont includes those aforementioned amenities, it also features much more: a premier tennis venue, luxurious Guest Suites for a romantic getaway or overnight accommodations for the whole family, a resort-style pool that serves as a summertime retreat, spectacular meeting spaces inside the European-inspired architecture of the 93,000-square-foot Clubhouse and a variety of other amenities.

Miramont's spectacular facilities create a home-away-from-home oasis for Members and guests. And the world-class comforts and accommodations allow Miramont to maintain and continually enhance a first-class, family-focused, refined and exclusive lifestyle.