Miramont’s Rising Stars

  Samantha Van Veen

Former Golf Shop Manager. Current Assistant General Manager at The Briar Club

“I worked at Miramont while I was at Texas A&M for about two and a half years, from July 2012 to December 2014. I had worked in country club settings back in the Dallas-Fort Worth area where I grew up, so I was familiar with the atmosphere. I also chose Miramont because I thought it was a wonderful networking opportunity. I was able to build connections with the best and brightest people in Bryan-College Station, as well as all the Non-Resident Members. I am still very close to numerous Miramont Members. I enjoyed going to work every day at Miramont because the atmosphere was so professional. It obviously influenced me to choose the club industry. I received two job offers after I earned my degree in economics: one as a financial advisor and one as the Director of Member Relations at The Briar Club. The Miramont experience was so possible that I decided to stay in the club industry.”

  Mason Meek

Former Miramont Server and Restaurant Supervisor

“I started working at Miramont in February of 2015, and I worked at the Club for almost four years. The most valuable aspect of being able to work at Miramont was working alongside individuals who wanted to better themselves every day. Then I was able to work long enough that I earned the opportunity to receive management experience, which was invaluable. Finally—and this may be the most valuable aspect—you get to know Members who have been fabulously successful and have a real passion for serving as mentors to college students and those who have big ambitions. Those are some relationships that I hope to keep for many years moving forward. I would absolutely recommend any college student who needs to work to apply at Miramont. It’s beneficial in so many ways: compensation, relationships, flexible schedules, networking and so forth. I couldn’t think of a better place to work for someone who is in college and who aspires to be successful after graduation.”

  Ashley Watson-Hood

Former Miramont Server

“Working at Miramont while being a student at Texas A&M provided an excellent networking opportunity for me. The vast majority of the Members at the Club are affiliated with the school in some way, and they are very supportive of other Aggies. The saying goes: “Aggies help Aggies.” That is absolutely true of Miramont! Additionally, working at Miramont allowed me to develop great relationships with the other staff members. Seeing the Members and my co-workers every day, regardless of the work that we were doing, made being at Miramont a pleasure.”