Membership Process

Miramont Country Club Membership is by invitation only. All prospective members must be properly introduced to the Club by a current Member in good standing.

All Candidates for membership are required to submit two letters of sponsorship from current Club Members along with two additional letters of recommendation from individuals of their choosing.

You may request a Membership Proposal Form from Director of Membership and Communications Rusty Burson (

Prior to submitting a Membership Proposal Form to the Club, please take a moment to confirm that the following actions have been completed:

  • The Membership Proposal Form has been completed fully and accurately.
  • The desired level of membership has been clearly noted on your form Membership Proposal Form.
  • Your primary and secondary sponsors have been identified and their respective letters of sponsorship have been submitted.
  • Two additional letters of recommendation have been solicited and either mailed directly to the Club or included with your completed Membership Proposal Form.
  • A family photo has been attached to your completed Membership Proposal Form.
  • Please note that the Membership Proposal Form is considered incomplete if any of the above-mentioned items have not been addressed.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Rusty Burson, Director of Membership and Communications, at 979.361.7238 or