Spa Service Rates:

  • Aromatherapy Massage 30min $85, 60min $105, 90min $135, 120min $155
  • Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Massage 30min $60, 60min $90
  • CBD Massage 30min $90, 60min $110, 90min $140, 120min $160
  • Cupping Massage 30min $70, 60min $90, 90min $120, 120min $140
  • Deep Tissue Massage 30min $60, 60min $80, 90min $110, 120min $130
  • Facial Massage 30min $70
  • Hot Stone Massage 30min $70, 60min $90, 90min $120
  • Pregnancy Massage 60min $70
  • Pre-Game Sports Massage 15min $30, 30min $60
  • Post-Game Massage 15 min $30, 30min $60, 45min $70
  • Rain Drop Massage 60min $160
  • Salt Scrub Massage 60min $110
  • Swedish Massage 30min $60, 60min $80, 90min $110

Massage Services

Performed in a dim, cozy room with candlelight and music, this massage can help ease the mind and reduce stress, anxiety and depression. It is performed with more broad strokes for calming and relaxation. You also have the option to take a 15 to 20–minute hot shower afterward to unwind, rejuvenate and refresh yourself.

Deep Tissue
This massage is more concentrated on targeted areas and works with pressure points, trigger points, myofascial techniques and stretches. The tissue is slowly warmed up and prepared to work in deeper layers to reach those deep, small muscles, knots and scar tissue. This massage is great for recovery and repair. It is also great for post-workout. This is a “hurt-so-good” massage.

Pre-natal is for the mom-to-be. Also performed with candlelight and music, pre-natal will help relax the body, mind and baby. Like Swedish, the strokes are broad, but the massage is performed on the sides and front. The massage helps relieve pressure on the nerves, tension in the lower back and hips, reduces swelling and regulates hormones. Shower is also optional with this massage. Pre-natal is only recommended during weeks 13 through 36. You may receive pre-natal outside these weeks if cleared by your doctor. If that is the case, please bring a doctor’s note.

Sports (pre and post game)
These massages are specially designed for better performance in the game. Whether it’s for endurance or recovery and repair, it will improve your body and your game. Pre-game massage is a quick, swift massage performed before the game that helps lubricate the muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments for flexibility and performances. It also increases blood flow for energy. Post-game massage is a slowed-down, targeted massage to help reduce pain and swelling that may be caused from overuse of an area in a game. It can also help prevent some tension and knot-buildup if performed right after the game.

Rain Drop
Rain Drop Therapy is the use of a series of essential oils to help cleanse, ground and balance the mind and body by working at the cellular level. The oils are soaked in through the skin and into the body's cells. They travel throughout the body replenishing and rebooting what may need attention in the body and mind. Although Rain Drop Therapy has its own traditional series to address all body systems, the series can be changed to different oils to fit individual needs. This kind of alteration to the service will need a consultation before use. Otherwise, a person may receive the traditional Rain Drop Therapy without consultation and still feel amazing afterward. (Must contact LMT directly to set up consultation).

Ashiatsu literally means "foot pressure" in Japanese. It is a technique where the therapist’s feet and body weight are used to massage the client’s body. Bars from the ceiling are used for balance, safety and control of pressure. Ashiatsu Deep-Feet Bar Therapy delivers a great deep massage with a variety of broad strokes, concentrated techniques and stretching. This massage is good for those with stiff muscles and those who can tolerate strong pressure.

Ashi Rain Drop
Ashi Rain Drop is the same as traditional Rain Drop except Ashiatsu techniques are used with it for extra pressure. Instead of using hands for the particular massage stokes used in Rain Drop, the feet and techniques of Ashi are used. This also helps give the oils an extra push and faster penetration in the deeper layers of tissue.

Facial Massage
This will include an all-natural sea salt scrub on the face to exfoliate the skin, a face massage and a facial sauna treatment. A special essential oil mix will be used to massage your face to loosen any tight muscles. This oil mix also helps to moisturize and bring a glow to your face. The sauna treatment helps drive the oils deeper in your skin for better and longer lasting results. Facial massages are also great for those with TMJ and sinus issues.

Sea Salt Scrub
Enjoy the luxury of being pampered by having your therapist exfoliate your entire body with an all-natural sea salt scrub. Just sit back and relax. A shower is accessible in the same room. Start your week by coming out of the shower and massage room with glowing skin and a refreshed mind.

Add Ons:

Cupping (stationary or gliding)
Cupping uses tools to pull up the tissue instead of pushing down on the body. This is a great option for those who don't like much pressure or for those who have a minor injury, scar tissue or cellulite. As the cups pull up, blood flow increases to the tissues. Cupping can also help with reducing or even eliminating scar tissue and cellulite, if done on a regular basis.
$10 add on fee

Add an oil or two to your massage. Whether it is for relaxation or beneficial results, Aromatherapy is performed in conjunction of your massage at the beginning to help your body and mind settle in and soak in the oil(s).
$15 add on fee for each oil chosen

Stones (hot or cold)
Add a little extra relaxation to your Swedish massage with stones. Hot stones help relax and loosen up tight muscles. This is also a great way to warm up the skin for comfort on cold days. Cold stones are great for inflammation and help reduce swelling. This is especially great for tennis/golfer’s elbow and carpal tunnel. Cold stones are a great way to cool off on hot summer days.
$10 add on fee

From depression to appetite control, and from sleep aid to muscle pain, CBD does it all. CBD is one of the most universal herb chemicals derived from the marijuana plant. You may receive many benefits from CBD depending on how you use it. In massage, it is most commonly used to help relieve muscle pain. This rub can also be good for those with arthritis and tendonitis. There is no THC in the CBD rub. CBD is completely safe and legal in Texas.
$30 add on fee