Spa Service Rates:

Ultimate Massage

 30-min $60; 60-min $80; 90-min $110; 120-min $130

100 percent customizable massage tailored to each individual offering a variety of modalities and pressure to create the perfect massage. Optimal remedy for tension and stress relief that relaxes mind and body.


Add on:

Aromatherapy $20: Concentrated therapeutic essential oils enhance function of internal organs, strengthen immune system and increase sense of well-being.

Hot Stone $20: Smooth hot stones help expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow and healing, providing a sedative effect to reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.

Back or Feet Scrub $20: Removal of upper most dead skin cells to reveal rejuvenated skin and promote proper cellular function.

Hot Oil Scalp Massage $20: Hot oil slowly drizzled along hairline and massaged gently into scalp, hair and neck, releasing tension and promoting relaxation.

CBD $40: Ease muscle and joint aches and pains with this all-natural herbal remedy.

Pre/Post Game Massage

15-min $30; 30-min $60; 45-min $70

Perfect warmup or cool down for every sport.


Prenatal Massage

60-min $80; 90-min $110

Specialized pampering massage for moms-to-be effectively eases discomfort commonly experienced during pregnancy, reduces swelling and enhances energy while promoting a sense of well-being. 

*After 1st trimester

Lymphatic Drainage

60 minutes $90

Manual lymphatic drainage is a gentle manipulation of the lymphatics to relieve swelling and improve circulation. NOTE: This is not for individuals with congestive heart failure, blood clots, kidney/circulation issues or current infections.

Sculpting Massage

90 minutes $120

Combination of sculpting movements designed to smooth connective tissue, break up fat and drain toxins. NOTE: Kneading, tapotement, friction and skin rolling can be uncomfortable and cause bruising.


Full Body Exfoliation: Coming Soon

90 minutes

Give your body a more youthful glow by removing dead skin cells and increasing circulation with an ultra-relaxing sugar or salt polish, rinse away the impurities in a warm shower followed by a pampering moisturizing massage.

Phytomer Seafoam Body Wrap: Coming Soon

90 minutes

A choice of three high-performance marine body wraps combined with a complete body massage to help eliminate toxins, break down fat or reinvigorate skin tissues

This treatment is based on the renowned esthetic technique of heat wrapping. Gentle exfoliation at the start of treatment stimulates the epidermis. The selected marine wrap is then applied to the whole body and is made active by a gentle warmth diffused by a heated blanket.  A total body massage at the end of the cocoon” treatment leaves you beautifully relaxed and rehydrated. RESULTS: Depending on which wrap is used, the body is visibly purified, refined or invigorated.